Bærekraftsrapport Sjøholmen Kulturhus

Sjøholmen Kulturhus AS sitt samfunnsoppdrag favner bredt. Å måle leveransene fra et sosialt entreprenørskap er utfordrende. Bærekraftskortene, SDGCARDS.NO, ble benyttet for å finne meningsfylte bærekraftsmål i sin bærekraftsrapport.
«Sjøholmen er veldig stolte av resultatet som viser våre konkrete, målbare leveranser under FNs bærekraftsmål», daglig leder Mette Torstensen.

Thank you Tekna for hosting an exiting workshop April 26ht in Oslo.

We are collaborating with the Sustainability Cards / SDG Cards and Fuelbox on an exciting workshop where you will get a thorough introduction to a simple, research-based methodology for choosing which of the UN’s Sustainability Goals are meaningful for you and your business.

High North Dialogue Side Event: Less Talk – Take Action on the UN Sustainability Goals

In this workshop you will learn how to create curiosity about the UN Sustainability Goals. A simple, research-based methodology helps you select which of the UN’s Sustainability Goals are meaningful for you and your business. You will immediately be able to use tools and knowledge in internal change processes and externally with customers, partners and investors.

Base Camp Davos and World Economic Forum (WEC) testing SDGCARDS!

Karin Berentsen was introduced to Gill Einhorn, Head Innovation and Transformation, who would have liked to be @ our Workshop on the UN Goals yesterday. She invited me to the World Economic Forum ‘by invitation only’ lunch for more dialogue on our Sustainability Cards. Nice!

Amazing 75 participants!

Attending our engaging workshop on the UN Goals! The Sustainability Cards was used to demonstrate and test a research based method to asses ALL 17 UN Goals and 169 Targets in 1 hour!

second edition ready

We are experiencing high demand and have produced a new edition of boxes. Order yours today. Available in Norwegian and English. Produced locally in Oslo.